Giving talented individuals the chance to develop a career in recruitment

We’re one of Manchester’s fastest growing recruitment companies; we help Fast Growth Tech start-ups.

  • The world’s a small place these days – we’re currently working on missions in Dubai, New York, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Milan, to name a few; where will your focus be?
  • Flexible working. What is that? If you’re on target, you can work whenever and wherever you like!
  • The vision is Org3D will be a 90-person company. You’re going to be joining at an exciting time; having real impact on the way the company is shaped. What do you want to do for us?
  • This isn’t Wolf of Wallstreet, but it’s a sales culture. You are embarking on a sales career here.

Here’s where your work really starts

The CEO wants a New York based salesperson, with 2 years experience in AI. Where do you start the search?! Well, your teammates are going to help you with the relevant research to find them, and it’s your job to start the hard yards of contacting and qualifying the candidates. It’s up to you to convince these people that this is going to be a major life improvement for them.

You’ll have to get hold of them first though. Contacting through social media, phoning switch boards, email campaigns, advertising, referrals… you won’t leave a single stone unturned, until you’ve found the best person for the job. It’s called ‘search’, not ‘easy to find’ for a reason.


  • We’re based in St. Peter’s Square, right in the heart of Manchester City Centre
  • Wellness contribution – we pay you an extra £25 every month to be used towards your personal wellbeing; gym, yoga, a massage… whatever helps you stay healthy and unwind!
  • Private healthcare
  • Onsite fitness facilities
  • Monthly social events
  • Best-in-class training
  • Free coffee / beer / wine / prosecco
  • What do you want to earn? We’ll show exactly what you need to do, and how to do it!

I highly recommend Martin with Org 3D. He was very helpful in facilitating the interview process with my future employer and on top of that, he was a delight to work with.

Senior Sales Manager - Cyber Security – South Carolina

Org3D lift the difficult work of initial resume reviews and conversations off the hiring managers plate so they can focus on secondary interviews and business objectives.

Cassie Tisdell - VP of Customer SuccessNetBase Quid

Org3D is the first recruitment agency that actually goes out and proactively reached out to an agreed list of target companies. This is very different from other agencies that just work with you if you fit any of their existing searches.

Executive Director, Global Channels & Partnerships – Cyber Security – Seattle

Org3D produced quality candidates, resulting in us making a hire within two weeks. They worked around the clock to find us the best candidates fitting our very specific guidelines.

Emily Hoberman - VP of SalesNetBase Quid