Flow3D Our pay monthly model. We get it, cash is king, and you’ve got to keep the investors sweet too. So we came up with Flow3D – a way for you to get the best talent to help you grow, without the full front-ended fees.

Who’s it for?

Early stage start-ups; seed/series A funded, to manage cash-flow.

What’s in it for me?

  • Pay as you employ model – if the hire leaves, you stop paying
  • Cash-flow stays in your control
  • Fixed fee, regardless of salary level


  • $3k commitment payment on commencement of the search
  • Followed by 11 monthly payments of $3k on completion
  • If the candidate leaves, you stop paying

Working with a recruitment firm that understands technology platforms and the SaaS business model is important. To have a recruiter take time to understand our unique needs made things a lot easier.

Dave Armon, CEO3BL Media