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Talent Solutions

You’re scaling up; are the fees associated with voluminous hiring daunting? Do you need additional peace of mind on that next critical hire? Is cash-flow a burden in your start-up?

We offer a range of solutions to suit your specific needs.


Our Talent Partnership model is the most cost effective way to hire – the more you hire, the bigger the cost saving!

By outsourcing your hiring to Org3D, we own the outcomes, guarantee your hires and bring significant cost savings.

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Our premium solution with a 12 month replacement period.

We’re so confident in our ability to meticulously identify, qualify and present key heads to you, that we offer you a whole year to replace them free of charge if they don’t hit the spot.

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Our solution for IT & Engineering contract positions.

Org3D provides everything necessary to our customers and brands for their contracting needs. From selection and on-boarding to infrastructure systems including dedicated payroll services.

Riddhiman Das - Co-Founder & CEO, TripleBlind
Riddhiman Das - Co-Founder & CEO, TripleBlind

Org3D were instrumental to TripleBlind hiring our CRO…. the best thing about working with Org3D is they really brainstormed with us on the role definition

Daniel Rawlings - CEO & President, ThreatMark
Daniel Rawlings - CEO & President, ThreatMark

It’s refreshing to have someone listen, internalise, and get to know you… I really do consider Org3D an extension of my company.

Benjamin Bayat - Managing Director, NextGen Venture Partners
Benjamin Bayat - Managing Director, NextGen Venture Partners

It’s great to have a partner like Org3D, that I can introduce to founders, and they can quickly fill the top of their funnel with highly qualified candidates.

Guy Moskowitz - CEO & Co-founder, Coronet
Guy Moskowitz - CEO & Co-founder, Coronet

With Org3D’s experience in the cyber industry and recruiting executives into SaaS and fast growth companies, it was the perfect match!

Ken Holmes – VP of Sales, Socotra
Ken Holmes – VP of Sales, Socotra

We had 2 or 3 solid candidates per role and within 2 weeks we hired one of those 2 or 3 for each of the roles. I have no time, so that’s so valuable.

Dave Armon - CEO, 3BL Media
Dave Armon - CEO, 3BL Media

Within the course of two days, I had detailed conversations about 3BL Media and our quest for sales talent to drive our growth. After three weeks and two new hires, I am in a good position to recommend Org3D.


After lunch, our target markets have risen, and so your duties will shift to maximising time with people on the phone. This will involve:

Business development
You’ll take the details gathered in the morning to reach out to new prospects, which may include phoning prospects, then booking in Zoom calls after.

Following up
Some clients and candidates will need a bit of chasing after you’ve spoken to them. This might involve getting interview feedback.

As for the candidates you previously headhunted who haven’t yet responded on LinkedIn, you’ll reach out to them again.

Wrapping up
You’ll perhaps confirm interviews, send calendar invites or proposals for retained projects. There will be a team debrief, and you’ll reflect to enable goal setting for the next day.


Mornings are when all our clients, candidates and prospects are asleep, so this is our preparation time. This consists of mostly marketing activities:

Goal setting
Goal setting for what you will get out of the day is a crucial part of how we work. You should note that things change, so midweek you may have to tweak it to stay on track.

Overnight there may have been offers made, interview feedback, responses to marketing emails, or calls booked in. You’ll reply to these, so recipients will see it first thing their time.

You’ll use the likes of Crunchbase, LinkedIn and ZoomInfo to discover exciting companies and their people’s details in our niche, and the best candidates to network with.

Build projects
This is gathering all the information from the previous step. You’ll set up email campaigns with tailored messaging, as well as create bespoke video pitches.

Need our help?Fill in your details and let us know a little more about the role(s) you’re looking to fill. One of the team will then be in touch to discuss how we can help.