Growing Tech Fast – The Org3D Podcast

Growing Tech Fast is Org3D’s podcast series about people’s journeys and experiences in the world of Fast Growth Tech

Ben speak with Thomas Walle – CEO and Co-Founder of Geospatial Tech company: Unacast.

Connor speaks with Chris Dickey – Founder and CEO at Visably – about growing an idea into a start-up.

Connor speaka with Alejandro Rivas-Micoud – CEO at Userlytics, a Data and Analytics start-up.

Connor speaks with Akeel Jabber – entrepreneur and start-up investor with Horizon Capital.

Seb speaks with Michel Tricot – Co-founder and CEO of Data Analytics company AirByte.

Connor speak with Laurie Mascott – VP of Sales Europe at Concentra Analytics.

Adam speaks with Steve Schaffer, founder of and early-stage start-up investor/advisor.

Seb speaks with Taylor Matthews – Founder of FinTech start-up, Farther.

Joe speaks with Jeff Manning – a veteran in his space and is the co-founder and COO of 802 Secure.

Joe speaks with Jonathon Boston, SVP of Sales as IDX and experienced sales leader.

Connor speaks with Dave Armon, CEO of 3BL Media – a CSR Communications platform

Joe speaks with Carrie Roberts,  Sr. Director of Global Channel Sales at CyCognito

Connor speaks with Brent Haldiman, Director of Sales at PIN Business Network

Connor speaks with Jarron Vosburg – VP of Sales at Jumpcrew. They discuss leadership and pivoting during the pandemic!

Connor speak with Mike Azzolino – Director of Sales at Wistia – about sales leadership.

Ben speaks with George Hunt – Head of Sales Engineering at Touchplan.

George speaks with Chris Hull – Co-founder and CPO of an EdTech product called Otus.

Pete speaks with Jonny Landels – Founder and CEO of Next Step Nutrition – about all things healthy eating.

Ben speaks with Peter Fishman – CEO & Co-founder of Mozart Data and serial entrepreneur.

Ben speaks with Ryan Frederick – Start-up founder, leader, advisor and investor.

Ben speaks with Rick Hall, CEO of data analytics start-up, Aginity.

Connor speaks with Tony Markovski – Director of Innovation at ?What If! Innovation.

Adam speaks with Pat O’Brien – President at INDUS.AI and Silicon Valley start-up veteran

Adam speaks with Pat Williams – Chief Revenue Officer and experienced sales leader

Connor speaks with Michael Gorodisher – Founder and CEO of managr