Growing Tech Fast – The Org3D Podcast

Growing Tech Fast is Org3D’s podcast series about people’s journeys and experiences in the world of Fast Growth Tech

George speaks with Chris Hull – Co-founder and CPO of an EdTech product called Otus.

Pete speaks with Jonny Landels – Founder and CEO of Next Step Nutrition – about all things healthy eating.

Ben speaks with Peter Fishman – CEO & Co-founder of Mozart Data and serial entrepreneur.

Ben speaks with Ryan Frederick – Start-up founder, leader, advisor and investor.

Seb speaks with Taylor Matthews – Founder of FinTech start-up, Farther.

Joe speaks with Jeff Manning – a veteran in his space and is the co-founder and COO of 802 Secure.

Joe speaks with Jonathon Boston, SVP of Sales as IDX and experienced sales leader.

Connor speaks with Dave Armon, CEO of 3BL Media – a CSR Communications platform

Joe speaks with Carrie Roberts,  Sr. Director of Global Channel Sales at CyCognito

Seb speaks with Michel Tricot – Co-founder and CEO of Data Analytics company AirByte.

Connor speak with Laurie Mascott – VP of Sales Europe at Concentra Analytics.

Adam speaks with Steve Schaffer, founder of and early-stage start-up investor/advisor.

Ben speaks with Rick Hall, CEO of data analytics start-up, Aginity.

Connor speaks with Tony Markovski – Director of Innovation at ?What If! Innovation.

Adam speaks with Pat O’Brien – President at INDUS.AI and Silicon Valley start-up veteran

Adam speaks with Pat Williams – Chief Revenue Officer and experienced sales leader

Connor speaks with Michael Gorodisher – Founder and CEO of managr

Connor speaks with Brent Haldiman, Director of Sales at PIN Business Network