Role: Growth Marketer

Location: US Wide

What they do

  • Optiwatt automatically schedules your EV to charge when electricity rates are cheapest.
  • Optiwatt makes it easier for drivers to fit charging schedules around energy demand fluctuations. This involves working with utility companies to reduce peak-load demand by connecting to electric vehicles and starting and stopping charging remotely.
  • By accessing a vehicle’s battery levels and monitoring utility rates throughout the day, Optiwatt can automatically start charging when rates are cheaper and stop charging when a target battery level is reached.
  • A seamless and user-friendly integration with electric vehicles gives Optiwatt users the satisfaction of managing their EV charging experience and electricity bills. But in the effort of supporting more drivers in a fast-growing electric vehicle market, it became a time-consuming bottleneck to integrate with more EV brands and accurately monitor each vehicle’s state of charge (SoC).
  • So instead of developing and maintaining a long list of 3rd party APIs themselves, Optiwatt sought out a solution to expand their app’s vehicle compatibility in a more efficient way.
  • They JUST raised $4.3M dollars from some of the most reputable names in venture capital and impact investing: Google Ventures, Urban Innovation Fund, and Active Impact Investments. They have our sights set on the stars, so if you’re interested in growth potential, the sky’s the limit at Optiwatt.
  • They invest in your growth because know that even if you aren’t there forever, empowering you to better tackle climate change helps all of us. The best part of working in the clean technology industry is the enormous collaboration between companies, founders, investors, and yes, even utilities. Everyone is driven by the same goal: reduce global warming and move us towards a truly sustainable future.

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About the role

  • Identify value propositions that will resonate with specific customer segments and test combinations of creative assets, digital advertising channels, and demographic targeting data to achieve campaign results
  • Analyze trends in user behavior, campaign performance, and channel efficacy to optimize costs, seize opportunities, and inform roadmap iteration
  • Brainstorm new channels, partnerships, or approaches that Optiwatt could leverage to maximize its user, financial, or impact metrics
  • Prioritize a backlog of ideas with imperfect information to estimate the likelihood of success, then execute on that plan regardless of experience
  • Strategize at the highest level in the morning, but also be willing to put boots on the ground in the afternoon, utilizing a scrappy desire to meaningfully translate growth into action regardless of seniority or personal preferences (our CEO traded avocados for signups in a supercharger parking lot at one point, if that helps paint a picture)
  • Supply team with reports on needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services
  • Keep abreast of best practices and promotional trends
  • Continuously improve through feedback, as an individual, team, and organization
  • Represent Optiwatt’s ethics, mission, and values with the highest level of integrity

About you

  • Excited to work on any of the following; electric vehicles, the electric grid, technology, climate change reduction
  • Proven through work experience in marketing, analytics, or related fields
  • Comfortable with a variety of productivity tools, including excellent knowledge of MS Office and Google Workspace
  • Capable of advanced data analysis, including statistical modeling, graphical representation, and KPI reporting, through tools such as SQL, Python, Data Studio, Amplitude, and more
  • Creative and thoughtful, in ideation of novel customer acquisition strategies, specification of physical or digital ads, and development of product enhancements to drive growth
  • Efficient in designing and executing tests, resulting in actionable insights that Optiwatt can either grow from or abandon in minimum time
  • Highly motivated, target driven, with a proven track record in marketing and a desire to grow yourself within Optiwatt by pulling in work that excites you
  • Excellent in demonstrating technical, negotiation, and communication skills under pressure
  • Organized in prioritization, communication, and time management
  • A natural communicator, able to process customer information, establish rapport, and appreciate feedback
  • Educated, with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, psychology, data science, or a related field (exceptions made for deep industry experience or a proven track record of scrappy success)


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