Role: Communications Manager

Location: US Wide

What they do

  • Optiwatt automatically schedules your EV to charge when electricity rates are cheapest.
  • Optiwatt makes it easier for drivers to fit charging schedules around energy demand fluctuations. This involves working with utility companies to reduce peak-load demand by connecting to electric vehicles and starting and stopping charging remotely.
  • By accessing a vehicle’s battery levels and monitoring utility rates throughout the day, Optiwatt can automatically start charging when rates are cheaper and stop charging when a target battery level is reached.
  • A seamless and user-friendly integration with electric vehicles gives Optiwatt users the satisfaction of managing their EV charging experience and electricity bills. But in the effort of supporting more drivers in a fast-growing electric vehicle market, it became a time-consuming bottleneck to integrate with more EV brands and accurately monitor each vehicle’s state of charge (SoC).
  • So instead of developing and maintaining a long list of 3rd party APIs themselves, Optiwatt sought out a solution to expand their app’s vehicle compatibility in a more efficient way.

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About the role

  • This is a real start-up environment so you will be comfortable wearing “many hats”.
  • Become a super user of this product and articulate this to customers so they understand the product capabilities.
  • Be the first point of contact for the company and engage in duties such as managing their ticketing system.
  • Write copy for all initiatives, including marketing, sales and internal communications.
  • Create marketing strategies that build customer loyalty programs & brand recognition.

About you

  • Proven marketing experience or creating targeted content is preferential.
  • Ideally you will have experience in a support / customer service position.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be able to work in a start-up environment and fulfil different role functions.
  • Excellent organizational skills.


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