Role: Head of Product / Director of Product | B2C apps

Location: London / UK

Comp: Circa. £90k plus stock

What they do

  • This is a unique opportunity to join a founder and be the first hire in a very early-stage start-up
  • The founder is a former CTO of business that IPO’d last year, and is now pursuing his true passion
  • The idea – an app that helps bring phones and memories to life
  • The goal is to secure VC funding later this year
The product
  • Memor-I app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play –
  • The vision is to build an app that enables users to add not only better organise their photos but to be able to recall feelings and memories from when they were taken.
  • Freemium model with option to upgrade for extra features. No selling of data or advertising.

About the role

  • Oleg (founder) is looking for someone to help him develop the app ready to go to market.
  • Oleg is highly competent from a technical standpoint; AI, machine learning etc but he needs someone who can be the voice of customer
  • Someone who understands the B2C app space, what users want, can be proactive in obtaining user feedback, and help bring these ideas to life

About you

  • First and foremost, is excited by this early-stage nature of this challenge and the prospect of developing a brand-new product
  • Experience in the B2C apps space will be key
  • UK based


Speak to your contact at Org 3D who can answer any questions you have and set a call up with the client.

Not for you?

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