All modern businesses need to try and keep ahead of the technological curve. However, technology is evolving at an eye-watering rate. Innovations in AI and IoT, for example, are stretching far beyond the imaginations and means of many businesspeople. However, as we head into the New 20s, there are few excuses for you to get left behind the competition.

The most useful tech solutions for business will, of course, vary from industry to industry. John Cestar, for example, has worked hard to develop Jointech – now part of EPAM Systems – to provide specialist tools and services to the global banking industry. Specifically, EPAM’s acquisition of Jointech means that more markets growing across the world will have access to tools and services providing swifter, more effective processes.

However, there are a few specific tech innovations considered crucial in 2020. They are likely to appeal to emerging business owners and innovators across various industries. Let’s take a look at a small selection.

Cloud Technology

The Cloud has been around for several years now, but it’s continuing to cement its role in global business. It is no longer merely a swift, simple data storage solution. It is an off-site solution for server setup and maintenance. It’s also an ideal platform on which to base VoIP communications.

All around, Cloud tech is helping businesses and teams go mobile, or remote. There is less need now to rely on physical storage alone. What’s more, a VoIP service tied in with Cloud tech will allow specialists to take their work with them in the field, or even home with them. Recent trends, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, show that Cloud tech is proving to be hugely beneficial when socially distancing.


Again, the chatbot has been around for longer than many might think. However, it’s now an established option for large and small businesses alike. Through simple web development engines, business owners can establish a chatbot to respond to queries through their websites. It reduces any kind of need for frontline staff or services, thus freeing up labor and funds.

Chatbots are also getting more sophisticated. In the age of Siri and Alexa, it’s clear that machine learning will have a significant impact on chatbots in the years to come. Fairly soon, they will no longer be basic repositories for a few lines of text. They are getting more helpful as the years roll by, and that is all the more reason why they are essential for emerging businesses in the modern age.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, or AR, may not be entirely mainstream, but it’s changing the way that marketing and quality control operates across the board. While many will know AR from various apps and games for smartphones, the technology is actively helping businesses deliver confidence to clients.

AR allows users to generate a 3D image in a physical space, i.e., through their smartphones or tablet devices. Therefore, you could show clients and customers a prototype of your upcoming product that they can effectively ‘play with’ far ahead of release. It’s a great way to ensure that your consumers understand what they are set to invest in, and what they are effectively getting into.

AR is an established technology that, while not adopted across the board, is enhancing online marketing in new and exciting ways. Emerging businesses in 2020 should do well in investing and adopting now before the mainstream curve looms into view.

3D Printing

Adding onto AR, 3D printing offers the next step in prototype building and confidence enhancement. Just as businesses might create virtual products for early analysis, 3D printing will allow you to create physical prototypes long before the building and assembly process begins. This way, engineers, marketers, and even clients can get a feel for what’s coming.

What’s more, it’s fast becoming an essential way to iron out potential product issues and defects. Instead of relying on QA once a product leaves the assembly line, engineers and designers can effectively tweak and analyze their products earlier in the process.

3D printing is more accessible now than ever before. While, like AR, it is unlikely to be a mainstream folly for some time, it remains a technological staple that’s driving bigger and hungrier businesses towards greater successes.

Knowing the right tech to invest in

Understanding which technology is likely to be the best to invest in is the struggle small businesses face. However, it is clear which tech is here to stay, and which bubbles are likely to burst. Instead of adopting tech as and when the popularity curves emerge, it makes sense for growing businesses to take advantage as early as possible. Check-in on your competition – and on your customers’ needs – and be ready to take a few calculated risks.

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