Role: Sales Development Representative

Location: US Wide

What they do

  • Datafold have just announced a massive $20M in Series A funding and are set to grow rapidly in 2022.
  • Datafold is a brand-new platform for managing the quality assurance of data.
  • Much in the way that a software platform has QA and continuous integration tools to ensure that code functions as expected, Datafold integrates across data sources to ensure that changes in the schema of one table doesn’t knock out functionality somewhere else.
  • With Datafold, changes made by data engineers in their extractions and transformations can be compared for unintentional changes. For instance, maybe a function that formerly returned an integer now returns a text string, an accidental mistake introduced by the engineer.
  • Rather than wait until BI tools flop and a bunch of alerts come in from managers, Datafold will indicate that there is likely some sort of problem, and identify what happened.
  • The key efficiency here is that Datafold aggregates changes in datasets — even datasets with billions of entries — into summaries so that data engineers can understand even subtle flaws.
  • The goal is that even if an error transpires in 0.1% of cases, Datafold will be able to identify that issue and also bring a summary of it to the data engineer for response.
  • Datafold is entering a market that is, quite frankly, as chaotic as the data being processed.
  • It’s part of a number of tools available for data engineers to manage and monitor their data flows to ensure consistency and quality.

About the role

  • Work with the founder and CEO on a daily basis to help grow our customer base through identifying potential customers, qualifying them, scheduling demos and driving them to close.
  • Track and nurture outbound & inbound leads until they convert
  • Reach out to new prospects daily through email, LinkedIn and other channels (200 per week)
  • Constantly look for the best prospecting channels and ways to meet our target audience
  • Build the relationship with prospects that are not yet ready to purchase by providing them relevant information via drip campaigns using tools like Hubspot
  • Be the CRM owner and keep our data clean and structured
  • Report your weekly outcomes of leads developed, new leads added and any field sales intelligence; keep records and generate reports on all phases of activities ready for CEO to review at any time
  • Shadow demo meetings and then drive demos yourself

About you

  • 1+ year of relevant experience in a startup or high-growth tech company
  • Track record of overachievement
  • Experience selling Data/BI tools or Dev tools is a strong plus
  • You value professional development and have an ambition to grow into a senior or leadership role.
  • You exhibit empathy and are a great listener. Our customers often come to us feeling the pain but without an idea for what the solution is. You are good at absorbing the information, learning and synthesizing.
  • You are process-oriented and have built or executed a successful sales cycle before. You know what to look for in tools and are obsessed about improving productivity.
  • You are metrics-driven. You live by targets and actuals and can identify the bottlenecks in your funnel.
  • It’s all about team for you. Our product is loved by customers but it’s definitely not feature complete. You know how to work cross-functionally and to balance promises with the reality.
  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced, high-growth, all-remote environment. When things are unclear you don’t panic but take ownership and communicate proactively.


Speak to your contact at Org 3D who can answer any questions you have and set a call up with the client.

Not for you?

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