NowSecure - Success Story

Mobile App Security

The Challenge

NowSecure needed a VP of Product to continue developing their mobile app security solutions.

The competition for talent is fierce and candidates often have multiple offers available. Cultural fit is vitally important as well, as not all applicants are suited to working at a smaller, dynamic business.

Over 30 interviews had taken place with applicants coming from their own network or responding to adverts. NowSecure’s preferred choice had accepted an offer with Amazon and no other applicants had the same ‘package’ of skills.

It was a vital position for the company to fill, which would allow continuous growth and product development.

The Solution

Helping an innovative company like NowSecure grow isn’t just about making a successful hire, but doing it in a manner that saves time for the client.

Org3D get ‘under the skin’ of a requirement to ensure only highly qualified candidates are being introduced. It was important to understand why it had previously taken NowSecure over 30 interviews to find somebody they wanted to hire.

In-depth conversations took place around the specific experience required within cyber security, the kind of projects the ideal candidate would have previously been successful in, as well as a thorough understanding of what a culture fit would look like.

Org3D identified a small number of suitable candidates from competitor organisations who ‘on paper’ could be a fit. These individuals were then approached via LinkedIn and cold calls to open up a conversation about their careers and get an understanding of their suitability in relation to NowSecure’s requirements.

The Results

Org3D deemed two candidates to be especially strongly suited for the position. The benefits of joining NowSecure and the scope of the opportunity was discussed with them. Both candidates were excited to interview and within three weeks, one of them was hired.

It was estimated that NowSecure had wasted over 100 hours in their initial endeavours to fill the vacancy.

Closing a ‘hard to fill’ position with an exceptional candidate is always a big win, but to have been able to save the leadership team time to allow them to focus on the core aspects of their business was of great value too.

The Feedback

We had interviewed 30+ candidates. Our top candidate did not accept our offer. While we liked several of the others, they just didn't have the same "package" of skills as this one special person. Our CEO said "find me another....". I reached out to Org3D and asked for their help. I provided the profile of what was a great match. Within a week, they had sourced a candidate that was even better than our last favorite. It was a very positive experience

Steven GolschVP People and Culture