NetbaseQuid - Success Story

Social media analytics SaaS solution

The Challenge

Netbase operate in a highly competitive space so the need for high performing talent with an understanding of their niche is critical.

Their business has enjoyed a large growth period over the last few years and hiring managers across several business functions in both the USA and UK needed support to achieve their growth plans.

The Solution

As Netbase were hiring at a continuous rate, Org3D adopted a ‘talent pipelining’ approach.

This initially involved thoroughly mapping out all relevant employees within competing organizations in the social media analytics space.

Using multiple touchpoints, the task was to then constantly network, engage and nurture this talent; sharing the successes at Netbase and explaining how joining them would be advantageous to their careers.

The Results

On average, Org3D were recruiting a new team member into Netbase every month. Each hire had relevant social media / marketing analytics experience, with a number of these individual being headhunted from direct competitors.

  • Multiple Sales Director hires across the USA & UK
  • VP Market Development – USA
  • Data Analysts – USA
  • Customer Success Managers – USA
  • Sales Engineer – USA
  • Technical Writer – USA

The Feedback

Org3D produced quality candidates, resulting in us making a hire within two weeks. They worked around the clock to find us the best candidates fitting our very specific guidelines

Emily HobermanVP of Sales

Org3D lift the difficult work of initial resume reviews and conversations off the hiring managers plate so they can focus on secondary interviews and business objectives.

Cassie TisdellVP of Customer Success